Desktop software: Installed on your system

Desktop software by MaidEasyMaidEasy Software™ offers its desktop software for those customers who prefer to store their software and customer data on their own secure, internally managed systems. This version is installed on your office computers and managed by your staff. Internet access is needed only for installation, updates and one-on-one training sessions.

We offer monthly pricing so you can start out with MaidEasy’s software on one computer, and expand installation to multiple computers as your business grows. Both packages offer unlimited:

  • System users.
  • Number of customers.
  • Number of staff.
  • One-on-one training sessions.

Desktop advantages:

  • Software is installed locally on your computer(s).
  • Speed of program does not depend on internet speed.
  • Backups done on local computers.
  • Lower risk of hacking.
  • Proven design that’s been used in the industry for many years.

Desktop SoftwareSingle computerNetwork
Video tutorials
Customer management (Job details, scheduling, room and cleaning details)
Customer phone logs
Staff management (Contact info, percentage or hourly pay rates, review dates, anniversary dates, birth dates)
Staff documentation
Lead source tracking
Schedule board (3-day, weekly, monthly by team)
Assign teams (Assign staff to teams and easily change who is on each team daily)
Reminder listing (Text, email and call customers based on preference)
Work orders
Credit Card Processing
Finalize Work Orders (Create accounts receivables. Confirm staff and time in and out on each job. Figure wages based on a percentage or hourly pay rates.)
Accounting (Invoice and payment history, postpPayments, track sales tax, deposit report, aging report: View who owes you money)
Payroll (Payroll proof: See history of jobs completed, total hours worked and gross wages for each staff)
(Customer, staff, volume, gross net profit, job time, job analysis, lead summary and phone log reports)

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