Cleaning Business Software: Online Version

Managing Your Cleaning Business On the Go

A customer uses the MaidEasy mobile app on her phone, but also has MaidEasy pulled up on both her desktop computer and tablet.Cleaning services don’t stay in one place. Crews move between customers’ houses. Managers work at the office, and check-in at home or on the go.

With MaidEasy™ online cleaning business software, cleaning service owners can log in and manage their business anywhere they have an internet connection.

Since software and data are stored online, this software can be accessed from any internet browser or device with any of our monthly payment plans.

With our Pro-Plan, staff can also login to the website or use the convenient mobile app via smartphones or tablets when they’re on-site.  They can check schedules, work order details, and log the time in and time out on each job for the day.

Take a look at our online/mobile app cleaning business software pricing and benefits below!

Mobile App For Android and Apple

The internet goes everywhere, but laptops and desktops don’t. With the MaidEasy mobile app, those who use our Online Edition can access their information through cell phones and tablets. Our app works on both Android and Apple systems.

MaidEasy Software mobile appsManagers can sign in to update:

  • Customer files.
  • Scheduling.
  • Phone logs.
  • Employee files.
  • Workgroups and teams.

On-site workers can also take advantage of the mobile app to:

  • Log in and view their schedule.
  • View work order details.
  • Enter their Time In and Time Out.

Check out the features and pricing for our Online Edition below.

MaidEasy's cleaning business software comes in an app that goes to your cell phone or tablet!

Online maid service software plans and features

Online Maid Service Software Mobile app Advanced Pro Pro-Plus
Number of people using the system Any 1 99 99
Number of teams using system 3-25 3 25 25
One-on-one live scheduled training sessions
Training videos
Customer management (Job details, scheduling, room and cleaning details)
Customer phone logs
Staff management (% or hourly pay rates, review anniversary and birthday dates)
Staff documentation
Lead source tracking
Multiple calendar views (Daily, 2 day, 3 day, weekly and monthly by team)
Assign teams (Assign staff to teams and easily change who is on each team daily)
Reminder listing (Text, email and call customers based on their preference)
Work orders ✓*
Credit card processing
Finalize work orders (Create accounts receivables, confirm time in and out on each job, figure wages based on a percentage or hourly pay rates)
Accounting (Invoices, post payments, reports, aging report — view who owes you money)
Payroll (Proof: See jobs completed, total hours worked and gross wages)
Reports (Volume, gross profit, lead summary and more)
On-site cleaner login (Individual cleaner’s ability to log in with their username and password to view their individual schedule) ✓*
On-site cleaner time clock (Individual cleaners can enter payroll in and out times without management. Also helps management know where teams are.) ✓*
On-site cleaner view customer work order (Employees can check the work order for details about specifically what to clean.) ✓*

* =  With Pro-Plus

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