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Anyone who manages a cleaning service knows that it’s the attention to details that matter to your customers. Those details mean the difference between a clean house vs. a sparkling, inviting home.

As your business grows, so do the details of successfully managing your service. MaidEasy cleaning company Software can help you gather and process all the information your growing business needs, so you can operate smoothly and successfully..

MaidEasy Software owners John and Brenda Schwery previously owned and operated a nationally known

cleaning service franchise for many years. During that time, John helped the corporate office write that company’s management software for franchisees. The Schwerys now operate their own independent residential cleaning service.

The couple’s experience with the cleaning industry and software writing have combined to create MaidEasy – a house cleaning software. This highly effective management tool helps you oversee workflow, schedule employees, process payments, and easily do payroll management, efficiently and intelligently.  It frees up your time for running your business, finding new clients and recruiting new employees.

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Desktop Software

Install MaidEasy Software on one or more desktop computers in your office, keeping your data stored on your IT system.

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Online Software

Manage your business through any internet-connected device, anywhere you or your staff happen to be working.

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Mobile App

Access your MaidEasy Software with your phone or tablet while you’re on the go! The Mobile app is free for Online Software users.

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Pricing starting at:

Advanced version of our Online software


All the best features for your cleaning service


Accommodates multiple users and increasing staff with monthly pricing.

Manage Staff

Keep contact information, work anniversary dates and other data current.


Free online training sessions. Refresh your skills through our online video library.


Send customer reminders by text, email or phone call, based on their preferences.


Assign team members and set up or change work times in a variety of views.

Credit Cards

Secure online processing makes it easier  and faster for customers to pay you.


Calculate by % of job or hourly pay rate. Track mileage and time between jobs with our cleaning service payroll management.


Free technical support by phone to answer your questions about our cleaning business software quickly.

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