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Tired of complicated programs that are hard to maneuver around in? We have an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand menu to quickly access each area.

Cleaning Company Software: MaidEasy Main Menu

MaidEasy Software is the best cleaning company software for your business

Customer section

Keep your residential cleaning business customer files and jobs organized.

  • Document phone logs.
  • Create cleaning schedules with reoccurring frequencies.
  • Enter the specific cleaning details for each job.
  • View a complete history of past cleanings.
  • Store credit card information and more.

We understand that your customers’ scheduling needs are always changing, and you need to make those changes easily and quickly. MaidEasy lets you easily:

  • Edit details, dates, times.
  • Move or skip cleanings.
  • Add memos for special instructions that are attached only to those individual dates.

Customer Detail - House Cleaning Business Software

Cleaning Business Software - cleaning service scheduling software

Cleaning Service Scheduling Software by MaidEasy

Staff files and pay information

Managing your employees will be a breeze, since MaidEasy files all the information you need in one location. These personnel files track:

  • Contact information.
  • Pay rates.
  • Documentation.
  • Birth dates, review dates, anniversaries.
  • Employee-specific user rights and team assignments.
  • Hours worked.

MaidEasy is designed to figure percentage pay or hourly pay rates. If you pay hourly, you can pay an hourly rate for cleaning time and a different pay rate for travel time between jobs.

Residential Cleaning Business Software - Staff: cleaning service payroll management

Schedule section

It’s easy to change views and rearrange schedules with MaidEasy. You can change your clients’ details, times and team assignments with just a couple of clicks. When employees call in or clients’ schedules change, drag and drop cleanings to quickly rearrange your schedule for the day.

Our schedules also let you:

  • See maps of your clients’ locations.
  • Review who needs reminders and complete them by email or text message.
  • Print work orders and schedules for staff.
  • Set up each staff member as a mobile user so they can login to see their own schedules on any device.

Home Cleaning Business Software - 5 Day Schedule

Cleaning Business Software - Schedule: maid service scheduling software


This section helps you complete your jobs for the day. With MaidEasy you won’t forget to bill clients or charge their credit cards.

  • Get a list of all the clients who need their credit card charged, and process each client’s credit card with just a click.
  • Enter the information for the invoice.
  • Apply payments.
  • Confirm which employees cleaned the account and the time it took to complete the job.
  • Keep track of mileage pay and tips.

MaidEasy has the tools needed to track your employees’ wages and hours and the profitability of each job.

Home Cleaning Business Software - Finalize

Residential Cleaning Business Software - Finalize Jobs


Manage all your clients’ accounts receivables. Easily send invoices or post payments from your client’s account. Run reports such as the aging report, which lists clients with unpaid invoices. Never again forget to collect an outstanding balance.

House Cleaning Business Software - Accounting


Review the payroll register to see all employees’ wages for any given time period. Calculate pay by percentage or hourly pay rates.

Cleaning Business Software - cleaning service payroll management