When Should You Start With a Cleaning Management Software?

2021 is a new year, and for a business owner, that can be an exciting time. A new year means new goals and a fresh start. As the owner of a cleaning business, if you have goals that align with better organization, growing business, or make more revenue, it might be time to think about getting management software.  And MaidEasy wants to help!

When Do I need to get Maid Management Software?

Anytime you are contemplating whether your cleaning business is ready for management software, you are probably correct. The MaidEasy Software can be implemented into your business at any time of year and is an easy process to set up. Give us a call and we walk you through each step. Within a week, your cleaning company software will be up and running – and you will be comfortable navigating it (depending on business size)!

The Benefits of Maid Management Software

Any time of the year is great to start with maid management software, but the first of the year seems especially appropriate. By acquiring MaidEasy software, you get these benefits:

  • Better organization. Management software will focus and keep track of the smaller details of the business so you can think big picture.
  • Business Health. The reports and dashboard provided by MaidEasy software will give you a better idea of the health of your business.
  • Growth. Easier to grow faster with the little details taken care of. You have time to focus on the direction of your business like growing your client base.
  • Get Ahead. The earlier you get going, the less data you have to input.
  • Save Time. From auto-texts to remind your customers of cleanings to payroll management, MaidEasy’s cleaning company software saves you time on the little things so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Continued Assistance (We don’t stop helping after we’ve made the sale)

cleaning business software for cleaning company business owners

The MaidEasy Team does not want to just sell you software and never hear from you again. We want to continue helping your cleaning business thrive! And we have the experts to help you do that. John and Brenda Schwery, creators and owners of MaidEasy cleaning business Software, both owned and operated a nationally known cleaning service franchise for many years. Along with the owners, our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience on what it takes to start and grow a cleaning business.

Contact Us Today

You can start your FREE trial with MaidEasy’s maid management software today! We understand your time as a business owner is valuable – and we want to ensure you that setup is easy. Give us a call and we will walk you through the software and have you up, running, and comfortable with it within a week. Contact MaidEasy today!