MaidEasy: The Software For Your Cleaning Business

If you are baking cookies, would you settle for using a brownie recipe to bake with? If you are playing basketball, would you settle for using a football during the game? If you are a maid cleaning business, would you settle for using a generic software to run your business? Hopefully, you answered NO to all of these questions! You do NOT have to settle for software that isn’t tailored specifically for your cleaning business. MaidEasy is a maid cleaning software that is designed and customized specifically for your cleaning company. It offers an all-in-one platform that allows you to schedule clients, cleaning service payroll management, assign workers to teams, and more! If you own a cleaning company, read the 3 reasons why the MaidEasy cleaning company software is the right choice for your business.

We get it. It is almost too easy to Google and purchase a cheap, generic management system. But we want you to think about this for a second: You will be working on this management system almost every day of the week. It will be how you do payroll, schedule your clients, schedule your teams, and more (that is, if this management system offers all of those features on one platform). The worst part, these systems are not designed specifically for a cleaning business. Don’t work for your generic management system: let your management system work for you!

MaidEasy Cleaning Company Software Is Designed Specifically For Cleaning Companies Like Yours:

  • Beautifully Tailored. Our custom cleaning company software aims to give you the power to offer high-quality service with efficiency and ease. As the owner/manager, you can manage your clients and employees from one spot – right at your fingertips!
  • Easy Set Up. Don’t spend any more time than necessary setting up your new software. We are here to help YOU set up MaidEasy in a way that works for your business!
  • MaidEasy saves your time and your money. Your time is worth A LOT. While the time you would spend every week trying to make generic software work, MaidEasy saves you that time giving you the hours in the day to get new clients, grow your business, and work on important daily tasks that require the business to successfully run.  

Keep your business organized and all in one spot! Rather than using multiple programs like scheduling on your phone, doing payroll on a computer program, emailing clients from your business email, MaidEasy has your entire business in one convenient place. Your cleaning company software is easily accessible from your desktop, online, and even on our app for your smartphone.

All of these features are on one platform & are right at your fingertips:

A Couple of Our Favorite Features: 

Managers can sign in to update:

  • Customer files
  • Scheduling
  • Phone logs
  • Employee files
  • Workgroups and teams

On-site workers can also take advantage of the mobile app to:

  • Log in and view their schedule.
  • View work order details.
  • Enter their Time In and Time Out.

If you want to grow your maid cleaning business, MaidEasy is offering free advice.

The founders and creators of the MaidEasy Software, John Schwery and his wife Brenda are the cleaning business experts.

“They owned and operated a Merry Maids Franchise for many years. After achieving several goals for sales growth and winning a number of awards, they sold their Merry Maids franchise back to the home office. Later, Brenda started Maid To Please cleaning service at the request of many customers who valued and appreciated Brenda’s quality of service. Knowing that the right software would be very important to managing her new business, Brenda began to search for the right package. Nothing was industry-specific except for proprietary franchise-written software. So in 1999, MaidEasy Software™ was founded.”

MaidEasy ensures that you are getting the best business advice from industry experts. We want to help your cleaning company succeed!

Your cleaning business deserves a home cleaning software that is all on one platform, easily accessible from desktop, online, or phone app, and is customized for your cleaning company. If you’re interested in growing your business from the experts and saving time and money, contact us for your free trial.