One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to increase your client base. You need to have a consistent income each month to pay your employees (and yourself!). MaidEasy maid service Software offers a feature that allows you to maximize your scheduling time, potentially increase revenue, and make room for new clients. We’re talking today about tracking ‘skip customers’. MaidEasy Software allows you to track your skip customers, showing how many times you have missed revenue and lost business. Read on to find out more about skip customers, why you should track them, and how to solve the problem of repeat skip customer offenders.

What is a “Skip Customer”?

Skip Customers are clients who repeatedly miss their scheduled cleanings. The situation may be your employee shows up for a scheduled cleaning, but the door is locked and the client isn’t there. Another scenario is you quoted and priced the customer for a cleaning every 2 weeks, but they end up skipping services on a regular basis.

Why Skip Customers are an Important Statistic to Track

Skip customers will extend the time needed to get their house cleaned. Not only will this cause your client to lose out on money, but your employees are spending double the time at someone’s house causing you to also lose out on revenue for your business.

Along with losing money, it might be difficult to take on new customers. When your week’s schedule is full, but you have a skip customer, that is taking up unnecessary space where you could be taking on new clients but must double-back to them – losing out on time. When you have this information, it allows you as the owner/manager, to potentially increase revenue by finding anomalies in your maid’s schedules and allows you to make informative decisions for your cleaning business that not only serves you but also your clients.

The Solution for Your Skip Customers

The most important thing you can do with your skip customers is to communicate openly with them. The conversation should not just be about the money you are losing out on. It’s important to not only re-price the cleaning but also make the conversation about the service. An example of how you could open this conversation up with your client:

“Hey, we like to touch base with our customers on a regular basis and just make sure we are meeting your needs. We have noticed that your cleaning frequency tends to be less than you originally thought it would be. Would you like to look at a new cleaning schedule for the next year?”

This accurately and professionally addresses the problem that turns a lose-lose situation into a win-win. Both you and your client will be saving time and money while also keeping your relationship with your client intact.

MaidEasy not only tracks skip customers, but it also tracks so many other important statistics that allow you to make sound, informed decisions on your business. The image below shows all of the main features you get with MaidEasy – cleaning business software made specifically for your cleaning business!

MaidEasy's Maid Service Software makes it easy to track Skip Customers

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