Specific Cleaning Software vs. Generic Business Software

When it comes to purchasing a software to run your cleaning business, it may seem like a convenient and inexpensive option to sign up for a generic business software that is not specifically created for a cleaning business. But, we know it is important to look past the initial purchase tag and take stock of how much time and money you will save in the long run by going the bespoke direction.


What is Generic Software?

Generic Software isn’t designed for a specific purpose or person. You have probably used generic software. Some examples of commonly used generic software are Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Notes, and Outlook. Generic Software is not limited to a specific business or use but can be used for various different businesses for a plethora of purposes. With generic software, there is no specific customer or business in mind when it is being developed.

What is Custom Software?

Custom Software is specifically designed for a specific purpose or business type. This type of software takes into account the specific needs to run a specific type of business efficiently. It takes into account the specific way certain businesses run when it comes to scheduling, accounting, accounts receivable, etc.

Why You Should Choose Custom Software:

By choosing a software that was created specifically for running a cleaning business, you won’t have to have to compromise while trying to fit your company into software that’s programmed for other service industries. Setting up the system to work with your pre-existing processes is made easier when the software was designed for a business type such as yours.

MaidEasy was developed by cleaning business owners and operators, who know the ins and outs of running a cleaning business. They know all it takes to make a well-oiled cleaning business run efficiently. Our onboarding process is simple and hands-on. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to build your customer’s schedule, print work orders for your employees, and proof payroll for your employees.  With the MaidEasy Software, you can schedule jobs, produce detailed work orders, know your profit margin and invoice your customers all in seconds. It’s all at your fingertips!

Our Cleaning Business Software Features:

There are many convenient features in the MaidEasy Software that will help make your business run more efficiently and help make you more money in the end. Some of the features are:

  • Manage customer files, scheduling, history, phone logs and more.
  • Review employee files, days off, documentation and more.
  • Generate gross profit report, lead source report and many more.
  • Process accounts receivable.
  • Finalize work orders and enter actual in and out times.
  • Produce work orders for employees.
  • Email/text customer reminders.
  • View the schedule board in different time increments.
  • Proof payroll to track employees’ labor hours for cleaning time, travel time and mileage.


You may already be running your cleaning business using a variety of generic software solutions, and while you feel it works for you – try our software for free to see the difference a software built with your business in mind can make. You may just find yourself wondering how you ever lived without MaidEasy Software.


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