Own a Cleaning Business? There’s an App for That!


Flexible workspaces and conditions have become the essential for business growth and employee retention. One of the biggest challenges to this new trend is staying connected and communicating with your team. As a cleaning business owner, you are used to your employees being on the go who need to be in contact and check in with administrative staff whether they are working form a centralized office or from a remote location. This is why having a mobile app for business communications, scheduling, and more is vital to maintaining a growing and contemporary cleaning business.

With MaidEasy’s mobile application and online cleaning business software, you can operate your business from anywhere!

Here are some of the amazing features of our Mobile App:

Manage Schedules:

Managers can update schedules that will automatically update on the app for all your employees to see wherever they are. Your cleaners will have access to view their schedule anytime during the day. Our mobile app makes scheduling a breeze, in or out of the office.

Time Clocks:

Your cleaning staff can clock in and out using the convenient mobile app. This allows for accurate time keeping, the flexibility for when your employees start cleaning a client’s home, and reduces the amount of time spent coming into the office. Time cards are automatically updated which allows for the accounting staff to spend less time tracking down hours and provides accurate time logs.

Work Orders:

Your professional cleaners can view work orders on the Mobile App while they are cleaning a client’s house. This has the potential to drastically reduce the number of mistakes cleaners can easily make going from one house to another. This will also allow them to keep updated with any new requests or changes. And if a manager received a last minute request from a client, they have the ability to view and edit customer files all on the app!

Improved Communication:

The key to a successful business is effective communication – whether it be between managers, employees, and/or clients. Our mobile app is the ideal tool for cleaning companies to develop systems for effective connectivity and access to information for your entire company. Having a software with mobile capabilities simplifies workflow and increases efficiency.

The bottom line is, by using MaidEasy Software’s mobile app you bring your cleaning company into the modern age of flexible and remote working. You provide yourself and your staff a certain level of freedom – freedom to multitask, freedom away from a desk or office, or freedom to take that long awaited and well-deserved vacation. Mobile access provided employees with more freedom to work from house to house while still being monitored and management gains peace of mind knowing they can reach everyone easily.

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