MaidEasy Cleaning Software Got a Facelift!

At MaidEasy, we decided to give our software a little bit of a facelift to make it easier to navigate and more user-friendly. We took the feedback that we had received from our customers and we incorporated it into our facelift. Let’s take a look at all the new features and how easy it is to navigate our software.

As you can see, we’ve updated the styling, the navigation and the flow of the software that makes it easier for you to manage customers and jobs with our software. It take less of your time so that you can focus more on serving your customers.

Here are some of the improvements we made that will make your life easier as a cleaning business owner:

1. Management of Customers and Jobs

With the changes we made to the organization of customer files and jobs, it now takes less of your time. In this section you can document phone calls, create reoccurring cleaning schedules, enter, maintain cleaning specifics and needs per customer, view a history of the client’s cleaning schedule, and store payment information.

And since your customers’ scheduling needs are always changing, MaidEasy makes it simple to make these changes. With just a few clicks you can edit details including dates and times, easily move or skip a cleaning, and add special instructions for specific cleaning dates for your customers.

Check it out:

2. Scheduling Routine Improvements

We have made improvements to our scheduling features by making it faster to make edits to scheduling routines. Beyond scheduling reoccurring dates per customer, you can easily make edits to times, team assignments, and cleaning details. With out new and improved system, you can drag and drop to quickly rearrange your schedule for the day.

Some additional features of the MaidEasy Scheduling section include:

  • See maps of your clients’ locations.
  • Review who needs reminders and complete them by email or text message.
  • Print work orders and schedules for staff.
  • Set up each staff member as a mobile user so they can login to see their own schedules on any device.


3. Navigation and Flow

We know that when using a business software, it is highly important that the platform is easy for users to navigate and that it is intuitive to allow for a smooth training and onboarding experience. Because of this, we made improvements to the styling, navigation, and flow of our cleaning business software. We are proud of our uncomplicated, easy-to-understand and that all sections are easy to access.


Let MaidEasy help you increase your bottom line!

Let MaidEasy take the guesswork out of running the business so that you can focus on serving your customer’s needs. If you are interested in checking out how MaidEasy can improve your productivity as a cleaning business owner, contact us today to set up a free trial in 4 easy steps!