How to Know Your Cleaning Business Needs Cleaning Business Software


A few years ago, you were on the verge of signing up to use a cleaning business software to grow your business and then the pandemic happened. You experienced a dip in both customers and employees. You had to put big ideas on the backburner. But, you are once again seeing an uptick in both. You have managed to again hire a full staff of experienced cleaners and more people are adding back cleaning services into their budget. Now that your business is again booming, it may be time for your cleaning service to re-visit the idea of using a management software. There are three things to look for to know it is time to sign up for cleaning management software.

1. You need to hire administrative help.

Are you thinking about hiring an office manager for the day to day tasks of your cleaning business? Taking on a full-time employee can be expensive, and hiring administrative staff is a competitive market. If you paid minimum wage, that would be $18,720 per year – but let’s face it, minimum wage will not attract quality workers. This doesn’t event factor in the cost for benefits such as health insurance and 401(k).

Instead of going through the tiring, exhaustive, and expensive process of hiring a full-time employee, consider cleaning business management software. MaidEasy can help you to perform many of the tasks on your plate more efficiently such as:

  • Employee schedules
  • Team assignments
  • Customizing staff details to change daily, weekly, or even monthly
  • Finalize work orders for your employees
  • Accounting tasks.

2. You are missing deadlines and falling behind.

Are important daily & weekly tasks regularly slipping through the cracks? It might be time to start using management software for your cleaning business. As a business owner or manager, you know that the customer is king. Keeping them satisfied with your cleaning service is what keeps your business going. But if you have dropped a task more than once, it is almost certain that the client can and will go elsewhere. You can easily keep instances like that from happening with management software. With MaidEasy, you can organize your clients by inputting job details along with scheduling, and room and cleaning details. You can even set up custom reminders for your clients. This reminder feature contacts your clients by text, email, or giving them a call. The preferred method of contact is the customer’s choice. All you have to do is set it up. No more dropped details!

3. Your employees are frustrated.

Keeping your employees happy and organized is also just as key to making your cleaning business successful. MaidEasy can help you successfully organize your employees, and improve employee morale! Keep track of each employee’s contact information, pay rates, review dates, anniversary dates, and birthdates!

You don’t have to spend hours trying to make a generic business management software work for you –  MaidEasy management software is designed exclusively for cleaning service businesses. Our software will work seamlessly for YOUR cleaning business. Once it is all set up to your preferences, tasks that previously took you hours turn to minutes in just a flew clicks! This frees you up to focus on the growth and success of your cleaning business and the satisfaction of your employees & customers.

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