How a Text Message Can Boost Your Business


These days it seems as if the whole world lives on their phones. Whether it be through apps, social media, email, or texting – our worlds are run by a device that fits in your pocket. In fact, 97% if Americans utilize text messaging as a form of communication. According to statistics, 64% of people actually prefer a text over an actual phone call.

You might be wondering why text instead of an email – but according to studies it takes about 90 minutes for a response to an average email, and only 90 seconds for a response to an average text message. And text messaging capabilities from a company are highly attractive to consumers. In fact, 77% of consumers aged 18-34 have a more positive view of a company that has text messaging capabilities, over those that do not and customers are 28% more likely to recommend a company to friends if it offers a text messaging capability.*

That is why with MaidEasy Software you have the ability to send automated messages via text to your clients. We want to ensure that you have a leg up when it comes to attracting customers! MaidEasy software makes automated text messages easy for you!

Here are a few touchpoints that the MaidEasy software can help you to reach your customers:

  • Confirm the day and time of the appointment ahead of time. This allows for cancellation prior to the day of the appointment and gives you the chance to schedule another appointment. This is great for your bottom line and prevents an unnecessary trip for your cleaners.
  • Notify the client you are on the way. Customers love clear and concise communication. Narrow cleaning windows by giving customers the heads up that you are on the way.
  • Follow up for a review or feedback on cleanings. Businesses grow through feedback. If something went wrong, you want to know that as a business owner so you can make it right with the customer. Likewise, you want to know what is going well so you can let your team know and use the testimonial in promotional materials. 

How Our Auto Reminder Text Works

The auto-reminder text is a feature built into the MaidEasy Software. You set the message you want to send and MaidEasy software will do the rest! Our software provides you with the ability to set up two auto reminders to be sent by text message, and then choose when you want to message sent in relation to the appointment – up to 6 days ahead all the way up to the time of the appointment.

Auto text messaging is such a simple but effective way to communicate with your clients, which helps you stay focused on running the rest of your business. We want to help make your cleaning business successful, and we do it by providing cleaning companies with simple, effective tools that make being a business owner that much easier.


Start TODAY!

If you have any questions about our auto texting feature or any questions about your cleaning business, our team of experts are here to help. When you succeed, we succeed! Click here to learn more about our online/mobile app cleaning business software pricing and benefits, and if you have any questions, contact us today.


*Statistics are from survey data gathered by RevenueWell, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and OpenMarket.