Benefits of a Mobile Cleaning Business Software

Cleaning services don’t stay in one place. Crews move between customers’ houses, managers work at the office, and check-ins happen on the go. That’s why it is important to have a mobile app for business owners who want an easier way of managing their cleaning service wherever they are.

With MaidEasy’s online cleaning business software, companies can operate their services from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are just a few perks of having mobile software to manage your cleaning company:

  1. Manage employees on the go. With MaidEasy, you can check on whether or not employees are clocked in or not via your cellphone. This makes managing them easier and gives you awareness of potential employees who are always late or consecutively working overtime.
  2. Employees can clock in and out via the MaidEasy mobile app. This gives them the flexibility they need to start at a client’s home and reduces the amount of time spent coming into the office.
  3. Access scheduling from anywhere. Whether managers want to update the schedule or employees need to view their schedule mid-day, our mobile app makes scheduling a breeze, in or out of the office.
  4. Your professional cleaners can view work orders at the client’s house, reducing the number of mistakes and keeping them up to date with any new requests or changes. Managers also have the ability to view and edit customer files with their mobile devices.
  5. Send texts to customers through our app. Keep phone numbers and messages in one convenient location, separating business from your daily, personal messages. This is also super beneficial because you can send appointment reminders to clients and reduce your number of cancellations and no-shows, saving you both time and money.
  6. Improve your overall communication between managers, employees, and clients. Instant connectivity to information has torn down communication barriers in the workplace. Having a software with mobile capabilities simplifies workflow and increases efficiency.
  7. Managers can view workgroups and assign staff to teams via mobile. This reduces any stress around last-minute changes as well as gives the flexibility to assign new teams daily.
  8. Freedom! Using MaidEasy Software’s mobile app gives freedom to multitask, freedom away from a desk or office, freedom to go on vacation. Mobile access gives employees more freedom to work from house to house while still being monitored and management gains peace of mind knowing they can reach everyone easily. It provides structure, flexibility, countability and so much more.

Here’s an Inside Look of Our Mobile App:

Keep it Simple with MaidEasy’s Mobile App for Cleaning Companies

Tired of over-complicated programs that are hard to set up and designed for multiple business models? Don’t make it tougher than it needs to be! MaidEasy keeps it simple with our easy-to-use app that is designed for Residential Cleaning companies. Manage all your business basics and more.

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