3 Way MaidEasy Can Your Business Thrive During the Holidays

3 Way MaidEasy Can Your Business Thrive During the Holidays

As we head into the busy holiday season, cleaning business owners looks for ways their can maximize sales. From additional holiday or event cleanings to selling gift certificates – this is a great time to look at ways to be intentional on how you can boost your 4th quarter bottom line. At MaidEasy, we can help

maximize your time by providing the tools to help streamline three time intensive tasks of a cleaning business owner: employee schedules, contacting clients for holiday cleanings, and sending timely bills. We help make doing these tasks easier so you can direct your attention to how to make the most during the busy holiday season. Let’s take a look at how MaidEasy can make these three tasks easier:


1. Employee Schedules

During the holidays, scheduling cleanings can get complex. Clients will re-schedule cleanings around their busy holiday schedules. Extra cleanings are scheduled for events and holiday guests. All this can get complicated without the help of MaidEasy’s maid scheduling software feature. With our software, you can see the gaps in each employee’s schedules at a glance, which allows you to fill in the schedule holes, fitting in extra cleanings and organizing the schedule that is beneficial for your clients and employees.

2. Contacting Clients to Schedule Holiday Cleanings

Some clients may not even consider the convenience of hiring their regular cleaning service to come to their house ahead of out of town guests or to prepare for or clean up after a holiday event unless you contact them to let them know this is an option. With the MaidEasy software, we make contacting clients a breeze.

With our system, you can easily look up the clients who scheduled holiday cleanings in the past. From there, you can contact them directly from the software via email or text. You can format the email to be more personalized for clients that have used this service in the past and for those who haven’t. By utilizing this simple yet effective feature from MaidEasy, you will be able to contact all your clients in a fraction of the time.

3. Sending Timely Bills

One of the biggest reasons business struggles it that they do not have an effective invoicing system in place. Without a cleaning business software, this part of managing a cleaning service can become time consuming and frustrating, especially if you are tracking this information by simply using handmade spreadsheets to track your invoices. A dependable and effective cleaning software system such as MaidEasy will quickly pay for itself in the money it saves you by making your invoicing process more efficient. Just the time saved can bring about huge savings.

Invoices need to be promptly sent upon the completion of a cleaning job. When invoices arrive late, it sends a strong message that you are casual when it comes to getting paid. Another thing to consider is delaying sending bills to clients can have an effect on the funds available to pay the bill – even if the customer initially had good intentions of paying you, delaying your invoicing might mean missing your chance to get paid any time soon.


MaidEasy Software can also provide customers with reminders to pay their bills. It’s a good idea to send a reminder to your customers a few days before invoices are due. This also will help prevent customers from making excuses when payment is late.

Let MaidEasy help you stay efficient this holiday season!

You can utilize MaidEasy Software to make your life as a cleaning business owner easier this holiday season by utilizing our maid software. Let MaidEasy take the guesswork out of running the business so that you can focus on serving your customer’s needs. Contact us today to set up a free trial in 4 easy steps!