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Desktop Pricing SINGLE COMPUTER $79/monthly NETWORK - ( 2 or More Computers on the same network) $119/monthly
System Users Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Customers Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Staff Unlimited Unlimited
One on One Live Scheduled Training Sessions Unlimited Unlimited
Video Tutorials
Customer Management - (Job Details, Scheduling, Room and Cleaning Details)
Customer Phone Logs
Staff Management - (% or Hourly Pay Rates, Review Anniversary and Birth Dates)
Staff Documentation
Lead Source Tracking
Schedule Board - ( 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly by Team)
Assign Teams - (Assign Staff to Teams and Easily Change who is on Each Team Daily)
Reminder Listing - (Text, Email and Call Customers Based off Preference)
Work Orders
Credit Card Processing
Finalize Work Orders - (Create Accounts Receivables, Confirm Time In and Out on each job, wages based on percentage or hourly pay rates)
Accounting - (Invoices, Post Payments, Reports, Aging Report- View who owes you money)
Payroll Proof - (See jobs completed, total hours worked and gross wages)
Reports - (Volume, Gross Profit, Lead Summary and more)
(Internet only required for Installation, Updates and One on One training sessions) This is great for a business who only needs one computer with No Internet Required. This is great for a business with multiple computers and office staff with No Internet Required.