About Us

John Schwery and his wife Brenda, owned and operated a Merry Maids Franchise for many years. They sold their Merry Maids Franchise business back to the Home office after achieving several awards and sale growth goals. John started another service business which dealt with restoration. At this time, John needed a software management tool to run their restoration business and he started the Ignite System Software.

Several years later, Brenda started Maid To Please after many of her customers wanted her to restart her business because they valued and appreciated Brenda’s qualities service. Knowing that in order to run a successful home cleaning business, software is VERY important, Brenda began to search out the right software fit. Nothing was industry specific except for proprietary franchise-written software. So in 1999, MaidEasy Software™ was founded.

We are committed to providing software tools that our clients can use to grow in this industry. Many clients are longtime business owners, ex -franchisee and new business owners that just want to have industry specific software in place.

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MaidEasy Software™
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