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Take the tour below to see how the MaidEasy Cloud Solution will help you manage your residential cleaning company. Request a free trial here.


Watch this tour on the Login and Main Menu of MaidEasy. Each business can set up system users and remote users with rights to access specific areas of the program.  

Customer Section: Keeps your residential cleaning business customer files and jobs organized. Enter in phone logs, create cleaning schedules with reoccurring frequencies, enter in the cleaning details, view a complete history of past cleanings and store credit card information.

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Staff Files: Manage your employees documentation, pay rates, birthdays, anniversaries and review dates.

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Schedule Section: You can view and edit your schedule as needed. See maps of your clients locations.Review who needs reminders and complete them by email or text message. Print workorders for staff or each staff member can login to see their own schedules.

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Finalize: Complete your jobs for the day. You can process credit cards daily. Here you will enter the information for the invoice, deposit, confirm which employees cleaned the account and the time it took to complete the job. It will calculate the hours and pay for your staff. Payroll wages can be figured at an hourly rate or by a percentage rate of each job.

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Accounting:  Manage all your clients accounts receivables. Review reports for cash receipts journals, aging reports and more.

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Payroll: Review the payroll register to see all employees wages for any given time period. payroll calculated based off of hourly pay or percentage pay.

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