MaidEasy Software™ Testimonials

Dear MaidEasy Software

When I started my business fourteen years ago, I did everything by hand, paper and pencil. As I started to grow I was not able to keep up with accounts, scheduling and changes, finances, payroll etc. I started to seriously research scheduling software. My fear was how difficult technology may be. I needed something that was not complicated and easy to learn. I hoped that there would be a person, not a recording that could help me whenever I needed it. I came across several different companies which all offered a trial lesson on their product. When I got to MaidEasy Software, I was impressed that it appeared easy and offered more than just scheduling and payroll. The other companies generally offered the same tools but Maideasy was so easy to use. I ordered it the next week and have been using it now for about 4 years. They improve on their product based on what our needs. Can’t get better than that. Maideasy has trained several staff members, sometimes several in one week and did not charge extra. I was always able to get immediate assistance. I love their product and their staff is outstanding. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in this industry.

Estelle Carbone

The MaidEasy Software has had a tremendous impact on how our business runs on a daily basis. Everything from scheduling to finalizing work orders to tracking quality control has made our company much more efficient and accurate with client & staff information. The support staff at MaidEasy are always available to assist in training and problem solving. This is a must have software if you are in the cleaning business. I highly recommend MaidEasy Software.

Jo Ann DiPierro, President
Jo Ann’s Professional Touch, Inc.

I love my MaidEasy Software!

When I first purchased it, I was a little skeptical as I had already purchased another maid service software that promised much, but did not live up to what it was advertised to do. I was pleasantly surprised that MaidEasy Software far exceeded my expectations from the very start and continues to do so.

Some of the things that I love about my software include the training that is provided and how user friendly the program truly is. I love the fact that I was not given the software then left alone to figure out how to use it on my own. I loved the free scheduled training! In addition, the program is extremely user friendly. In fact, I was able to train my office person on how to use the basic functions in less than one week!

Thank you so much to the hard working team at MaidEasy. Denise, you provide the best customer service that I have encountered in a long while. You always seem to be available any time I call with a question or when I get “stuck” on something. That is invaluable to me and much appreciated!

Thanks again,
Maria Dorian
Welcome Home Cleaning Services

This is a brief note to say a big thank you for helping Royal Maids come to thier senses! We started the business in August 2006 and purchased not one but two expensive software systems, both of which we found too hard to implement and thier support appeared non-existent. So we continued with our monthly diary, pencil and eraser to keep track of our cleaning schedule. Meeting you at the ARCSI Convention in Alexandria you showed us a great software program, easy to implement and great support in the form of Denise and yourself. Whatever the problem, you always have a solution!

I must make special mention of Denise who nagged me to purchase and external hard drive to back up the program. It took me 2 months to do it and boy were we pleased we had when we experienced being hot by lightening one weekend. We discovered a dead computer on Sunday (yes,we are sad that we come in on Sunday). However, we had the backup! You kindly called Sunday evening and assisted us in getting our backup onto Ray’s Machine to enable us to print out the work orders for Monday! Image the girls coming in Monday and no one knew where they had to go – it doesnt bear thinking about.

Our thanks to the MaidEasy team for fantastic software affordable pricing especially for a small business and great support. You must make EVERYONE buy an external hard drive to start with – it is an essential part of the program! Incidentally, do tell users up front about X-Charge, it has made our life easier too.

Yours sincerely,
Royal Maids LLC