Residential Maid Service Mobile App

MaidEasy Software™ offers the tools necessary to operate and grow your residential cleaning company. Making it possible to log into your business and check on things anywhere you are. The Free mobile app comes with a paid subscription to the Cloud Solution. 

Stay connected to your employees in the field. Your employees can have a login to see their own schedules each day and the ability to see work order details about each cleaning they are scheduled for. Employees can enter the completion times for the jobs by entering in the Time In and Out on each client. 

As the owner, you are instantly able to answer your customer’s questions about scheduling. You can access your staff and client information, create schedules, change schedules, view the completed times of each job throughout the day and manage your accounts receivables. It’s all at your fingertips!

·         Employee Access for individual team members to see their schedules for the day and log the in and out time on each job

·         Manage Customer Files, Scheduling, History, Phone Logs and more

·         Manage Employees Files, Days Off, Documentation and more

·         Schedule Board / Dispatch Board — By Team

·         Assign Staff to Team on a Daily Basis

·         Work Orders

·         Accounts Receivables- Generate Invoices and Payment for the Day

·         Online Credit Card Processing

·         Percentage or Hourly Payroll Proof- Track employees labor hours for cleaning time, travel time and mileage.

·         Gross Profit Report, Lead Source Report and much more

Start your free trial and download the mobile app for free today.