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Cloud Solution for Residential Maid Service

Features of MaidEasy Software™ – Cloud Edition

10-Day Free Trial

There is no better residential cleaning software available than MaidEasy Software™ to manage multi-product lines and still keep your business running efficiently. The combination of features, functionality, and commitment to our product is why more business owners look to the MaidEasy Software™ System to run their residential cleaning business.

We now offer lower monthly pricing, so our Home Cleaning Business Software is even more accessible to residential home cleaning businesses that are just getting started.

The MaidEasy Software™ Cloud Edition is a system that offers the tools necessary to operate and grow your residential cleaning company through the web. With just a few clicks you will be able to manage, build your customer’s schedule, print work orders for your employees, and be able to proof payroll for your employees on the web.With MaidEasy Cloud Edition, you can access your business with remote internet access from your office and on the go! MaidEasy Cloud Edition makes it possible to log into your business and check on things anywhere you are.

You are instantly able to answer your customer’s questions about scheduling. You are able to schedule jobs, produce detailed work orders, know your profit margin and manage your accounts receivables all in seconds. It’s all at your finger tips!

  • Manage Customer Files, Scheduling, History, Phone Logs and more
  • Manage Employees Files, Days Off , Documentation and more
  • Gross Profit Report, Lead Source Report and many more
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Finalize work orders -Enter actual in and out times
  • Produce Work Orders for employees
  • Email /Text customer reminders
  • Schedule Board
  • Payroll Proof- Track employees labor hours for cleaning time, travel time and mileage.

Additional Program Features

  • Free Phone Support
  • Access to Our Internet Training Video Library
  • Program Updates
  • Remote Access for individual team members to see their schedules for the day.
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Scheduling
  • Customer Phone Log
  • Staff Management
  • Staff Attendance Tracking
  • Schedule Board / Dispatch Board — By Team
  • Assign Staff to Team on a Daily Basis
  • Work Orders
  • Lead Source Tracking
  • Generate Invoices and Payment for the Day
  • Employee / Staff Managing
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Percentage or Hourly Payroll Proof
  • Reports Section